The New Week

Hi Everyone,
Here I am thinking about how much harder it is for people with NLD to find and stay in jobs. I’ve been getting organized for job searching–I keep having to look for new things because I have yet to be offered a permanent position. Now I’m needing to get ready for a temporary job tomorrow. I’ve been there many times, but since I’m not there every day, I feel dread before I get there. I have social anxiety. It bugs me like acid reflux. I worry when I approach people. I worry before going to events. Sometimes I get headaches and nausea from the anxiety. I tried some social anxiety chatrooms, but they required plugins, so now I’m logged into Facebook so I can do some venting. Thank goodness for the NLD and AS networks there!


2 Responses to “The New Week”

  1. Tammy Allen Says:

    Hold your head high and do your best. You will find a keep a job. just know it!!!
    Kinleys Mom fromTexas

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