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Homework Inertia

February 28, 2011

Now that I’m in school again, I revisit those feelings I’ve had since being a young child–seeing the homework, and fearing that NLD would make it more difficult, and freaking out. Whether it’s anxiety about copying instructions or questions wrong, fearing I won’t picture what they want in the right way, having to re-teach myself something, or going round and round trying to find an answer without success. I go through all that again and again. So if you’re a parent helping a kid, please reassure them it’s not their fault they’re struggling and be gentle. It’s not easy having NLD. And if you’re working on homework, take breaks, do things in the way that makes the most sense to you, work in a quiet place if that helps, and be creative. Keep telling yourself it will get done, and there’s nothing wrong with getting help from your teacher if you need it.


The Struggles to Make and Keep Friends

February 28, 2011

I wish people would realize how very much we with NLD (and related conditions) struggle to make friends. Sometimes things do go very well for us. We do have some friends, not no friends, and if you’re reading this and don’t feel you have any friends right now, you will make some. However, we don’t find friends smoothly because our visual-spatial problems are not well-understood by most people. And many people don’t try to relate to us, or if they do, it’s in an insulting or ignorant way. Our social anxiety, which occurs in varying degrees at various times (depending on the person) makes this stuff even more difficult.

A largely disability-ignorant school system also weighs into the social issues. Some teachers teach insulting things about disabilities–maybe they realize it, maybe not, but it’s unacceptable. I deserved a good education, but got a lousy one until I somehow made it to college, and now I have a degree. Yes, all those people who say someone with NLD can’t do something are just wrong. We’re so capable, sensitive, and caring. If people would only give us a chance and get to know us, they’d see what understanding friends we make, how we, through our experiences with hard times, see into the struggles of others. We’re great friends for these reasons. The world has yet to see all we can do. Let’s keep working to show people we’re able to do way more than what they might guess. Keep up the good work, everyone. More later.

Being Dumped by Friends

February 23, 2011

When you have NLD, it’s like three times as difficult to make and keep friends.  Sometimes, just approaching a person is hard, something natural for most people.  I think often of a couple friends I made at an old job.  They acted like we were friends for a number of months.  Then when I stopped contacting them, they never tried to contact me.  I was dumped by them.  I felt depressed, as anyone would, but worse because I couldn’t tell how much of it was related to NLD.  I wondered, if I didn’t have NLD, would this have happened?  Would I have come up with better approaches?  I find myself thinking around in circles like this, and getting stuck on things.  Failed friendships make me nervous about new ones, even though I really want to make new friends.  The social anxiety I have is agonizing, even painful, and as I talked about in the last post, can sometimes make me sick to my stomach.  Hang in there, everyone.  We can help each other with these things.  More later.

NLD and Sensitive Stomach

February 20, 2011

HI Everyone,
Sorry I’m not on here as often as I’d like. I think about our LD struggles every day, though.

This post is on sensitive stomach. I struggle with episodic headache/nausea/vomiting patterns. It might be Cyclic Vomiting, but I don’t have the same severity level as most reported cases.

In the mornings, I feel sensitive to many foods. And when I feel anxious, it triggers the headaches and nausea. So does excessive light, sound, and/or motion. I wonder if it relates to NLD, too?