NLD and Sensitive Stomach

HI Everyone,
Sorry I’m not on here as often as I’d like. I think about our LD struggles every day, though.

This post is on sensitive stomach. I struggle with episodic headache/nausea/vomiting patterns. It might be Cyclic Vomiting, but I don’t have the same severity level as most reported cases.

In the mornings, I feel sensitive to many foods. And when I feel anxious, it triggers the headaches and nausea. So does excessive light, sound, and/or motion. I wonder if it relates to NLD, too?


2 Responses to “NLD and Sensitive Stomach”

  1. Clementine Says:

    I’m not diagnosed with NLD, but I believe I have it to some degree. I am currently researching options for testing. I think I could’ve benefited from learning support for NLD when I was in school. I have a graduate degree, but have struggled in jobs I’ve held ranging from waitressing to project management.

    Anyhow, I tend to feel nauseous and get headaches as well. I have migraines triggered by light, sound, motion, and dehydration. I try not to eat processed foods as they tend to irritate my stomach. I’m not sure if this is NLD-related, but I can relate to the health issues you mention.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Yes, it sounds like you have NLD-related difficulties. Many in my family have certain borderline-NLD-ish traits. So I’d bet money that visual-spatial learning challenges are much more common than diagnosed. Some of my traits fit NLD, while others do not, and this appears common, too. Your challenges in work, grad school, math courses, and visual-spatial organizing in many ways sound like what I struggle with. And the headaches–oh my goodness. Some of mine are sensory-based, too. And yes, processed foods are more difficult to digest.

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