Being Dumped by Friends

When you have NLD, it’s like three times as difficult to make and keep friends.  Sometimes, just approaching a person is hard, something natural for most people.  I think often of a couple friends I made at an old job.  They acted like we were friends for a number of months.  Then when I stopped contacting them, they never tried to contact me.  I was dumped by them.  I felt depressed, as anyone would, but worse because I couldn’t tell how much of it was related to NLD.  I wondered, if I didn’t have NLD, would this have happened?  Would I have come up with better approaches?  I find myself thinking around in circles like this, and getting stuck on things.  Failed friendships make me nervous about new ones, even though I really want to make new friends.  The social anxiety I have is agonizing, even painful, and as I talked about in the last post, can sometimes make me sick to my stomach.  Hang in there, everyone.  We can help each other with these things.  More later.


4 Responses to “Being Dumped by Friends”

  1. Kacey Says:

    I too can relate about friendships and being dumped. I realized a long time why am I the one fighting to keep the friendship alive when it takes two to be friends. If they are a true friend they will also reach out to you and make an effort. I am the one who always makes the effort to invite someone out to do things. When I stop calling or making an effort, I am never called or invited out. It’s when I realize we weren’t true friends to begin with and heart breaks yet again. I spend most of my time working or with family as I only have one girlfriend who also reaches out to contact me, we keep in touch via email and occasionally meet for dinner but that’s all. I really wish I had a friend who I could do so many things with.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for your words and your thoughts. As a mother who has a child with ASD or perhaps maybe NLVD I find your words inspiring. You are communicating and talking about yourself and feelings. How wonderful I find that. You give me hope for my child.

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