Homework Inertia

Now that I’m in school again, I revisit those feelings I’ve had since being a young child–seeing the homework, and fearing that NLD would make it more difficult, and freaking out. Whether it’s anxiety about copying instructions or questions wrong, fearing I won’t picture what they want in the right way, having to re-teach myself something, or going round and round trying to find an answer without success. I go through all that again and again. So if you’re a parent helping a kid, please reassure them it’s not their fault they’re struggling and be gentle. It’s not easy having NLD. And if you’re working on homework, take breaks, do things in the way that makes the most sense to you, work in a quiet place if that helps, and be creative. Keep telling yourself it will get done, and there’s nothing wrong with getting help from your teacher if you need it.


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