The Struggles to Make and Keep Friends

I wish people would realize how very much we with NLD (and related conditions) struggle to make friends. Sometimes things do go very well for us. We do have some friends, not no friends, and if you’re reading this and don’t feel you have any friends right now, you will make some. However, we don’t find friends smoothly because our visual-spatial problems are not well-understood by most people. And many people don’t try to relate to us, or if they do, it’s in an insulting or ignorant way. Our social anxiety, which occurs in varying degrees at various times (depending on the person) makes this stuff even more difficult.

A largely disability-ignorant school system also weighs into the social issues. Some teachers teach insulting things about disabilities–maybe they realize it, maybe not, but it’s unacceptable. I deserved a good education, but got a lousy one until I somehow made it to college, and now I have a degree. Yes, all those people who say someone with NLD can’t do something are just wrong. We’re so capable, sensitive, and caring. If people would only give us a chance and get to know us, they’d see what understanding friends we make, how we, through our experiences with hard times, see into the struggles of others. We’re great friends for these reasons. The world has yet to see all we can do. Let’s keep working to show people we’re able to do way more than what they might guess. Keep up the good work, everyone. More later.


4 Responses to “The Struggles to Make and Keep Friends”

  1. LMarie25 Says:


    Thank you very much I needed to hear this! : ) Yes, people w/ NLD are very capable, brilliant and gifted (I believe Bill Gates has it). We can do anything and be the kind of person we want in this life. We are sensitive and determined. Thank you for the uplifting and inspiring comments keep on blogging.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Bill Gates, wow, cool inference. Thanks for your note. Yes, we are sensitive, determined, kind, caring, et cetera.

  2. Nowhere Man Says:

    I was given this nickname from a teacher who saw the movie “the Yellow Submarine”. I just found your blog. I only made it to Grade 3 before I was pulled out and labeled “disabled”. My question is this: how do explain to new potential friends NLD ? In the meatime, keep up your blogs, many of us appreciate it.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I appreciate your comment greatly. Can’t believe (well, I guess I can, but it makes me sad) your teacher would call you “Nowhere Man.” That’s just ignorant garbage. I really enjoy writing this blog. Thanks for your note. If you can, I’d encourage you to seek out some more education. I bet you’d do well on a high school equivalency test, and many communities have free tutoring for anything that might be more difficult, plus you can retake it. Just a thought.

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