Tieing NLD into Possible Careers

This is a tough one, but definitely possible. There are many things we can do to help others and ourselves. Despite the negative literature, when given understanding, we can relate very well to others, esp. if it’s one-on-one, and they get to know us. Therefore, we can be in professions that help others, esp. if we feel compelled by the knowledge and subjects. For instance, I love doing research, and have formed my career thus far around writing and research. Phobias have prevented me from taking science courses, though, and entering fields with heavy, high-pressure customer service requirements. Still, I think someone could do all those things if done in an NLD-understanding way. I’ll write more about careers soon. Elsewhere in the blog, I talk about them extensively, too. One thing that’s really hard is seeing the doubts employers have. These doubts can persist, even if someone is the hardest, kindest, most caring worker. I leave sad and stressed because some of the people I work with have not yet discovered my skills and talents. I feel I pay triple for minor mistakes, and that some people still believe an LD makes someone less intelligent, which is just a total myth. We are quite intelligent, and can do more than what employers want. Many times, we’re more motivated workers because we have to solve personal, NLD-related problems on a daily basis. We’re natural problem-solvers.


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