The Isolation of Abuse

I recently watched “The Narrow Bridge,” a film about a young man’s gradual decision to talk about the abuse he experienced as a child in a spiritual community.  The acting and writing are basic, but it’s still a good, important story.  This isn’t NLD-related, except insofar as the fact that people with learning differences are at special risk for abuse, and abuse is all too common.  So I post these links, in part because the music’s so beautiful, in part to help people understand these occurrences and what they do to someone even years later.  PTSD has incredibly long lives.  Also, I always make sure all links and blog content are appropriate for virtually all age groups (PG).  So even though I discuss some experiences in adult life, I maintain PG-related topic treatment.


2 Responses to “The Isolation of Abuse”

  1. Nyssa Says:

    Despite the low production values (which are understandable), I loved this movie. The sweetness, the depictions of Orthodox Jewish religious practices. I also sympathized with the boy being abused by his beloved mentor. While I haven’t been sexually molested, I was recently betrayed by the person I looked up to as my spiritual mentor, the one who was a very important part of my decision to become an Orthodox Christian, who helped me love the faith. His wife also spent more than two years abusing me in various ways, while making me into the bad guy, and never believing me when I said I’m completely missing these social cues you keep telling me about so stop hating me! Just like the man in the movie, I have often spent the last year questioning my faith and wondering how I could stay in a faith which reminds me so much of the one who betrayed me.

    • hannahcamille Says:

      Hi there,
      Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. I hope you have found some supportive people, maybe a qualified therapist, to both help with the social cues and the traumatic experience you had, esp. because it was a spiritual authority figure. Good for you for reflecting on these difficulties. You will be in my thoughts and I look forward to your comments. Thanks.

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