NLD, Speech, and Physical Issues

My speech problems have a lot to do with prosody.  I find phrasing very difficult–there’s lots of starting and stopping.  So I sound choppy.  I have halting speech, which I tell people about.  This problem was unnoticed for many years.  I suffered for this reason, and am now in speech therapy.  Jaw tension and other issues make it hard for me to say complex phrases.  Just saying words can be hard.  When put together with concepts, I sometimes freeze up.  My thoughts interrupt each other, and suddenly, it’s a traffic jam or trainwreck.  Then I start mispronouncing words.  I don’t get out the thoughts I want, and sometimes my voice quivers.  Sometimes it nearly hurts to talk.  Just saying words takes great effort.  When I’ve talked at length, my throat hurts.  I sit in speech therapy wondering if Botox would help my voice, or if a surgery could help, and then I start wanting to cry because it’s such a burden having a speech disorder.  I still don’t fully know how to deal with it.


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