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Misreading Cues, Then Beating Myself Up

April 3, 2011

Sometimes a social cue is totally over my head, especially in the moment. Or I’ll sense it, but not know how to respond, or respond in the wrong way. And then I beat myself up mentally. Even though it’s not my fault I have visual-spatial problems and a speech disorder. But I still feel so misunderstood and make so many social mistakes, I can’t help blaming myself. I don’t know where to put the confused, frustrated feelings. Often, there’s no time to explain the things I realize later. Or I don’t know how to do it. One recurring issue is my responses are sometimes slowed. So it takes longer to get through a conversation. I’m trying to translate visual-spatial messages and navigate my speech phrasing problems all at once. One good thing is I listen very well. So at least that part’s good, but other things are so very difficult. More later. I’m so glad we connect on this blog. It helps me express these frustrations.