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Social Anxiety and Phobias

October 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,
So sorry I have not written on this blog in forever. I struggle to keep up with work and school, plus challenging family and friends, but I am so thankful for the empathy of the NLD-supportive discussions on this blog. Just reading through your comments today has made the day much better, and your comments are helping me feel more understood in my difficulties.

Despite a very intensive speech therapy program, I continue to suffer from social anxiety. Sometimes it’s so tough, I can’t even bring myself to approach people, even when I know them and they’ve never done anything mean. I know it’s awkward to not approach them, but it’s just too scary. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen a great deal. I haven’t figured out ways around it, except to focus on written communication when I can, such as text messages and emails. But I don’t carry around a computer, and work requires lots of in-person communication. One job requires making change, which I’ve never done, so I need to develop some strategies for adding things up.

My family is quite challenging. I have an older relative who yells at me, which is very difficult, but do not yet have the resources to move beyond this. I feel that we with NLD are more likely to experience difficult people, and struggle more with the difficulties they present. Many times we might find ourselves in the company of others with various socially-impacting difficulties because they too have been ostracized. Unfortunately some of these friends can be poisonous, leaving us to choose between few friends and difficult ones. More on these things in the future.

I had years with no friends at all, and am still recovering. More later.