NLD and Inner Denial

Again, much apology for my lack of time, and fewer posts.  Today I wanted to talk about a thought pattern I often find myself in.  I’ll think things like: “I don’t have NLD,” or “I can be neurotypical,” or “I know how to make up for my NLD challenges.”  Then I’ll either have an NLD moment, such as a visual-spatial mistake, or a mistake in my communication, and NLD comes back and slaps me on the head.  I can’t get away from it.  I also can’t help the NLD-related anxiety–a painful sort that pinches me each day, as I worry about starting conversations, being spoken to, not knowing what to say, having speech issues, et cetera.  Here’s what would help: more mainstream awareness of what it’s like to live with spatial challenges.  People could interview us about what would have helped when we were younger (if we’re adults).  I hope to someday help train people to more effectively be supportive to those with NLD, and related struggles.


3 Responses to “NLD and Inner Denial”

  1. Clementine Says:

    I’m an avid documentary watcher. Are you aware of any documentaries on living with NLD or NLD research? While the audience for a specific documentary may be small, I think it is important exposure for less mainstream life perspectives. I think a documentary that included the type of interviews you suggest could be enlightening for NLD and non-NLD populations. Certainly, people who do not have NLD (especially employers and teachers) could learn more about how to work with and appreciate the talents of NLD people!

  2. hannahcamille Says:

    The only two things I know of are these:
    -The AS Association of New England has made some videos about families impacted by AS.
    -And Dr. Meryl Lipton has videotaped some lectures about NLD and related syndromes.
    -Oh, and an author, Nalo Hopkinson, talks about her challenges on youtube. I’ll try to leave links later.

  3. kris Says:

    please please tell me what would have helped when you were younger!!! i am a mom to a 12 yo girl with NVD- and she is highly affected by it, as is the whole family! i struggle so much with which tactics to take to both make life smoother for her- and also how to teach her to be independent, how to focus, to tune out the distractions, to pay attention to the people around her- etc. but it is very very hard to be ‘neuro-typical’ and understand and know what to do for my non-typical daughter. would appreciate any and all thoughts!!

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