Happy (Late) New Year

Hi Everyone,
Again, my apologies for fewer blog messages in the past months. I very much enjoy writing for this blog, and look forward to your comments and ideas. I will continue to write, especially as I develop more insights about living with this condition.

So one of my resolutions is to stay away from toxic people. So far it’s working better than last year, but we’re less than two weeks into 2012.

I’ve often wished to work in the field of college (or graduate) admissions and/or consulting (or academic advising). So this year I hope to do more with these goals, but am not yet sure how.

We’re going to have, through NLD awareness, advocacy, and acceptance, a better year than last. I look forward to continuing with this blog. Thank you to my wonderful, thoughtful, determined readers. It is such a great form of support to trade experiences and strategies.


2 Responses to “Happy (Late) New Year”

  1. Jo Says:

    I’m grateful for your blog. At age 39 I’m just learning about this condtion that has tainted my perception of this crazy world. I’m a counselor by trade, scared that I will have to leave my field because the paperwork is so intense. I have been literally harrassed because of my struggles with this. I want to enjoy my career, however it is becoming more & more difficult. So I am very grateful for this blog, the more education I get on NLVD the more empowered I can be henceforth!!! Jo

    • hannahcamille Says:

      I can’t imagine having tons of paperwork, or the difficulties of working as a counselor–so I admire you.

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