NLD and Sibling Challenges

Hi Everyone,
This week, I had a horrible experience dealing with a difficult sibling, someone who when very angry, gets physical. This person shoved furniture I sat on, right in front of two relatives–people with authority–but they did nothing. In fact, they defended and minimized the behavior. Even though in public, it would have definitely been considered wrong. Apparently my “words are mean,” and in the minds of these relatives, excuse the violent behavior. I’m very upset, and I feel betrayed by my own family. This sucks. I also feel that NLD makes it harder for me to express my thoughts and beliefs, especially under the time-pressured burden of verbal speech. I am presently stuck (due to the economy) in proximity to this person I can’t stand. Yesterday we ignored each other. But I’m not going to pretend this didn’t happen, let it go, or agree with people who said it was excusable. I just won’t be treated as less than them. And this relative is difficult to deal with–the person refuses to look for work and drinks excessively. I shouldn’t have to be exposed to these behaviors, but oblivious relatives do nothing. Do you have sibling difficulties? How do you deal with them? Thank you for listening to me vent.


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