NLD, Setbacks, and Family Challenges

So right now, like many people, the economic crash has really limited my job prospects, and forced me to postpone some of my goals, hopes, and dreams.  The dream, for instance, to live on my own.  Before my diagnosis, NLD (and depression) took about six years of my life, where I lived in reduced capacity to enjoy life or be productive.  I currently work in two jobs, neither of which captures my strengths or talents.  I’m deeply grateful for any paid work, but have always believed a job should both help others and be intellectual.

Due to the economy and paying for NLD- and/or depression-related mistakes, I do not yet make enough to live alone.  I’m now stuck living with someone who doesn’t work, is often messy, has addiction problems, and isn’t looking for work.  I feel anguish when I’m home, and then beat myself up, figuring if I didn’t have NLD, maybe I’d be on my own.  I carry stress in my back muscles, and feel disappointment that college didn’t bring the independence I planned for.  I’m doing the best I can, but I want much more from life, so I try to dream each day about my goals.  I have many.


3 Responses to “NLD, Setbacks, and Family Challenges”

  1. pia Says:

    I hope you truly realize how much of it is the economy. NLD sucks but isn’t a death sentence or the worst thing in the world
    You sound as if you have much going for you–and I know, who am I to say something so trite? Somebody who has been there and survived and life’s not always as great as it could be or once was but the economy’s taken so much from so many people and not just in economic terms
    I too believe a job should help others and be intellectual but first you have to help yourself 🙂

    • hannahcamille Says:

      An excellent set of observations. Yes, the economy is wearing on us all. And I agree–in a better economy, we with NLD-related issues would be much more likely to have greater sources of employment. I hope the economy improves quite soon.

  2. Clementine Says:

    This post reminds me of past journal entries when my NLD-esque tendencies have gotten the best of me. I sometimes get bogged down in the problems and past disappointments. Be sure to commend yourself for even the small steps towards your goals. When examining what you want to change in your life currently, focus on solutions not the problems. Everyone is struggling in the economy so as you persevere you do so with all of us who want more out of life! We’re all dealing with it–with NLD or without.

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